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Completion Date: Mon 30 Mar 2015
IPE Study at King's College London -


- I'm Nelma Antonio, Politics graduate from London. 

- I've been given an unconditional offer to study for an MA in International Political Economy at King's College London. But I cannot afford the tuition fees. My offer was originally for 2014 entry but I've already had to forfeit and defer my entry til 2015 due to a lack of funding. 

- I do not want to pass up on this opportunity again and would really appreciate your support in funding my studies in this subject area at this fine institution. 

- The combination of Bank loans, Savings and Support from Family I am still short of £4000!

International Political Economy (IPE)

- International Political Economy  is an interdisciplinary academic study which is at the center of the Globalisation debate.

- It looks at the effects and impact of trade deals, examines political risk, trade policy, global markets, International Development  and International Finance. 

- This study is as much academic as it is highly relevant to our times! In light of large organisations such as the IMF, World Bank, the EU the current state of the world's economy is as much dictated by economics as it is dictated by politics, question is which is these has more of a bearing and or significance in policy making process? 

- What really determines international trade policy? 
- Is there really a global financial crisis?
- Why and how has there been an upsurge of economic development from markets that were typically recognized as underdeveloped? 

IPE Attempts to understand  and answer these questions whilst establishing the complex relationship between Politics, Economics and International Relations 


- It is my passion to establish my career within this ever evolving field, with much application to our societies whether Southern, Western or Eastern. 

- Being a migrant myself coming the UK not knowing the language, culture etc - to be forced to pass up on this opportunity again would be heart breaking. Education has and always will be the backbone of my development and I wish to seize this opportunity! 

- Ultimately your donation will not only benefit me but the wider community, through my studies I aim to develop and dedicate my life's work to matters of International development and economic empowerment notably in Africa and have already started building my knowledge set on the Sub-Saharan Africa region primarily the Lusophone Africa region to begin with. 

- As austerity increases in different parts of the world, globalisation increases  and more collaborative efforts will be boosted by states IPE will increasingly come to the center to evaluate these matters and the political and economic relation between these factors. 

Sponsoring me will help break the boundaries of Postgraduate education being limited to only those who can afford to pay for an education. 

Where will the money go?

MA at King's College London costs: £10000 (2015-16 figures) http://bit.ly/13QXIZX

If my target is met the money will go directly to tuition fee costs

  • Any extra funds that is raised will go towards maintenance and material costs for the  course and the internship that I would have to do as part of this course; which unfortunately for the most part in this area is unpaid.  

  • Personally I have managed to save £3000 so far

    • I  intend to make up another £3000 myself through work and family. 

    • I plan to also work throughout my full time academic study to support any other maintenance costs that arise. 


  • Some cool rewards include a copy of my undergraduate dissertation on why 'Angola Matters' to International Relations. 

  • A copy of my MA Dissertation which is going to be on Mass corporation expansion in Emerging markets, with a specific focus on the lusophone emerging markets. (Please note that this topic is subject to change depending on tutor meetings and further guidance).

  • A-Level Politics tutoring for your Children, siblings etc (Please inquire further on this).

  • Plus other interesting rewards on the rewards page! 

Find me here:

  • Twitter: http://bit.ly/1pFIf2o

  • LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1ozdrkH

  • For further information please feel free to email at: nelmaantonio@gmail.com

Help Me Succeed!

This wouldn't be able to happen without your help, so let's all make this happen #K4N 

I haven't allowed Socioeconomic barriers to prevent me from developing myself and reaching new platforms and I do not intend to stop now. 

Let's get this trending on social media, in your homes, organisations everywhere!!!

People often say one should look outside the box, I say there is no box! Let's not put limits were they need not to be! 

Many thanks in advance!