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Completion Date: Wed 02 Mar 2016
Looking For help to complete my PhD

Who am I?

Hello Friends, I am Anjum Shaikh a first year PhD student of Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford. My friends and family calls me a passionate and completely focused girl who knows what to do in life and how to achieve the same. I love interacting with different people and know about their different views which really help me in my research as well. However I am a camera shy girl and that’s the reason there is no video up on my funding page. But I am sure all the people out there will know about my enthusiasm towards my PhD research project. My aim is to bring a positive thinking and changes in online transaction and save an individual and organization’s infrastructure. Even if I succeed in saving a 0.001% internet users worldwide and organization being hacked and fooled by Phisher’s and hackers will make me to feel that Yes my research has some worth which is saving innocent internet users from being fooled. 

My research topic is cyber security, and I don’t claim that I am the first student who is working on this topic neither am I going to be the last as well. There were a few genius students who have worked on it and came with great approaches and there will be students who will come out with something great which will make us to say WOW. But what stands me out of all this is a unique approach.  The goal of this research study is to build a system which will ensure that every threats and risk are captured and resolved to make this cyber world safer for everyone.

My Background?

I will keep this section short and concise (don't want to bore my audiences and supporter). I came in this country back in 2010 with full of dreams and passion. I have completed my MBA followed by Masters in IT from Cardiff Met University. Being a good student and gaining excellent qualifications in my masters helped me to get a place on a PhD course.


Why I need your support?

 Being a non EU student in the UK is one of the most expensive students compared to all the other part of the world. I am liable to pay an International fee which is huge to think of it. Although I am working part-time as accountant (trust me I have learnt accounting being in the job only) but that actually taking most of my study time and somewhere I am struggling to adjust my study with part time work or vice-versa.

Although I have managed 80% fees of my first year (30% saving and rest from back home). I still need to arrange for remaining 20% and the second years fees, however for third year fees, I have already applied in few charities and research funder who supports for 3rd year PhD research and I am sure I will be succeed in getting one of them.

I would like to request to all the near and dear people and all those who feels that Yes this girl deserve to complete her PhD study without any stress and work load, then please I request to fund my project and make my dream come true of completing my PhD.


 Where the money will be used?

Apart from Paypal fees (3.5%), all the rest of donation amount (whatever I will be able to generate) will straight go to my first year and second year fees


Rewards and a few word from me

Your contributions will definitely help to make this cyber world safer and a better place for everyone and also help a student to succeed in her project and dream.

Please have a look at the right side of the page for a list of rewards to show my gratitude to all the donors who I know and also to them who I don’t know but their donation to my PhD research will shows their trust and faith on me. And that is something which is important for me.

Every donation even £1 is much appreciated and I will be really grateful of them. At the end of the day what matter is people’s faith and trust in me to succeed in my study and that what counts and I am looking ahead for great support and help from all my friends, well wisher and loads of readers who don't know me but after this I am sure we will be able to connect to each other. Please do not forget to share my link with anyone you think would support me – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. 

Any person any time wants to know about the updates of my research will be most welcome, I would love to discuss about my thesis who shows interest in my research topic. Drop an Email -

Once again thanks a million to all my lovely readers.