WCA Costume Interpretation 2016

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Wimbledon College of art Costume Interpretation Degree Show 2016

wimbledon college of art degree show

This year the third year costume students at Wimbledon College of Art are raising money for our degree show in June.

During our third year we each make three fully wearable costumes suitable for theatre or screen. 

Our first costume is taken from the ordinary life of one historic person. This collection of work takes its inspiration from a variety of eras and walks of life. Costumes include Princess Alexandra, a land army girl, a Victorian opera singer and many others.

Our second project is Gothic themed, creating garments from a selection of designs originally created for three stage shows; Matthew Bourne's "Sleeping Beauty", "Wonder.land" and "Into the Woods". This work will be exhibited at Strawberry Hill House in May.

Our third and final project is a costume of our own choice. This could be anything from historically accurate gowns, dance wear, Vikings?! Anything we decide!


We are raising money to fund our third year degree show. This will display the work we have created over the past year, to our friends and family, and possible future employers.

So far we have managed to raise £600 doing bake sales, clothing sales and alterations. But unfortunately Due to the heavy workload of our course we are unable to dedicate large amounts of time towards fundraising.


Where will the money go?

40% of the money will go towards our catalogue – copies of which will be sent to people in the costume industry and given to friends and family. This will be a way for potential employers to view our skills and have our contact details.

40% will go towards refreshments and hosting family and friends, and industry night.

20% will go towards preparing and putting together the degree show. It will be used for the materials we will need to professionally display our work.

Things such as backdrops that will need building, display cases and professionally mounting our work on mannequins.

The more money we raise the more grand and spectacular our degree show can be.

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Please check out our Instagram page. It's regularly updated with all of our work in progress!!


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