Grey College Boat Club - 24 Hour Rowing Challenge

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Very proud

Congratulations with your progress, I look forward to hearing how it goes on Saturday! Sorry I can't be there to support you in person but I'll certainly be thinking of you. Keep up the good work!

Great initiative, Tom, and best of luck in completing it! I rowed (in a minor way) alongside Tony Sainthill (above) in a winning Senate Cup crew in '68 (and those two digits now reflect my age!). Then many years coaching rowing at Pangbourne College, so I understand the need to source and fund new equipment. That will be your legacy, Tom, long after the blisters and exhaustion have faded away: that new boat on the rack in the boathouse, for future generations of GCBC!

Lawks, now you've actually got to do careful what you wish for. Good Luck Thomas and to all the team.. Lucy and Justin

Nail it!

My husband and I wish you all the best with your challenge, and will be watching your progress!

all the very best with your challenge!

Good luck!

I was Captain/President of rowing in 1962/63. We won Maiden fours at York - without a broken seat, luckily. Great to hear news of rowing at Grey - good luck for funding the new boat.

I rowed in the winning GCBC Senate Cup IVs 1965-7 and am hugely impressed by the progress the College BC (and DUBC) has made in the last 50 years. I wish you all the best with this ambitious venture. Antony Sainthill

Epic challenge..sounds like your getting a real kick out of the training.

Good luck Thomas and friends. Thomas you've obviously inherited your father's genes......marathons/24 hour rows Crazy!!!!!! Lucy and Justin xx