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Help me fund my MA and achieve my dream of teaching Victorian history!


In the past two years I have managed to save £14,500 - but this is still not enough to cover the cost of a Masters degree in London.

There is a very limited amount of funding available to postgraduate students, so when I heard that the government was introducing a new loan and bursary system where postgraduate students could access £10,000 of funding, I was ecstatic. However my heart quickly sunk when I learned that this funding was only available to students who had paid the 9k undergraduate tuition fees.

I was the last year to pay the lower fees, however this does not mean that I am any more able to afford the huge expense of completing a postgraduate degree. I can't even realistically apply for a career development loan as you have start paying off your debt as soon as you finish your degree, and I will hopefully be going straight into my PhD with no income to afford the interest payments.

Therefore I need your help.

Who the hell am i?

My name is Becky, and I graduated from the University of Exeter in the summer of 2014 with a degree in English and History. I was accepted onto the MA Nineteenth-Century Studies course at King's College London during my final year at university. 

Since then I deferred my entry to King's and have been working as part of the professional services team at the University of Exeter togain experience in the Higher Education sector and save money to go towards my Masters degree. After my Masters I hope to complete a PhD and become a university lecturer.

I want to inspire people through education, and teach people about the weird and wonderful in Victorian history.

my research

During my undergraduate degree I studied a wide range of Victorian history, but was inspired by some of the stranger aspects of the period which I never knew existed. This resulted in my dissertation - an 11,000 word project considering the clitoris in medical and sexual spaces in the Victorian period. This included a variety of themes, including female genital mutilation, Victorian pornography, and the medical uses of the vibrator.

The Victorian period includes some truly weird and wonderful history, and to share my research I started Victorians Exposed, a YouTube channel that explores this history through short vlogs. As a thank you to those who contribute to this project, I'll be uploading new episodes of Victorians Exposed twice a week!

How much will this degree cost?

The overall cost of my degree and living expenses will cost around £18,000 - and here is a breakdown of where this money will go

- Tuition Fees: £8520
- Accommodation for 12 months in a shared room: £4500
- Bills/Food: £2100
- General living and course expenses: £2000
-Tube Pass: £900

As I have already saved £14,500 I need £3500 to reach this target - plus around £100 in paypal fees at 3.5%


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