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Completion Date: Wed 30 Sep 2015
Please help me Graduate from the NFTS and finish my Grad Game MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem!!

My Grad Game MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem:

My project MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem is a rampage style fighting and destruction game for Virtual Reality using Kinect Motion Controls. Beat up your friends and destroy everything around you in this fun Larger than Life VR game.

Who Am I?

My name is Xian Chua. I am currently a student at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) for Games Design and Development.  I am incredibly passionate about making games. It has been my dream for over 10 years. I am working on my grad game will fellow NFTS students who are incredibly talented and vibrant people.

My Story!

When I was young I loved playing games so I decided I wanted to have a career making game art.  I studied Digital art at University and while there I also learned a few things about game design and coding. However, after finishing I struggled to find work in my field so I decided to return to education to get a Master’s degree. When I came across the Games Design and Development course I thought it would be an amazing learning experience and a very challenging adventure. However due to financial difficulties and a bit of bad luck I am unable to finish paying my tuition fees. Part of this is a private loan fell through and part because the exchange rate when changing over money was extremely unfavourable. I have been trying to work up enough money but it is going rather slowly. Because of these difficulties the school is threatening to kick me out if I am unable to pay them soon. It has been a real struggle to get here and accomplish so much I don’t want to have to leave right when I am making an amazing game I love. Supporting me will help me finish my Grad game and help me show that I have skill and commitment to future employers.

Where will your money go?

If I reach my minimum, raising this money will help show that I am making an effort to the school. If I reach this goal the school have said they will be willing to negotiate a bursary for me, or a way to pay off the tuition in the future.

If I reach my full target £10,000-13,500 will go to cover the cost of tuition. The rest will be to cover Rewards for donors and Hardware Costs.
Here is a breakdown of my costs:

-Kinect v2 Sensor x2 (£160 each): £320

-Oculus Rift x2 (£230 each): £460

-Rewards & Extras: £720

-NFTS Fees: £13500


Some of the Rewards include

- 3d Print of Mech Unit approx. 15cm tall

-3d Print of Lovecraft Creature approx. 20cm

-Poster of Mech Character

-Poster of Lovecraftian Monster Mech

-My eternal gratitude J

Game Concept Art

Thank you

Thank you for interest in helping.

You can find my Development Blog here! I try to update weekly so come see my progress!

You can tweet with me @xianchua.


Even a dollar/pound will go a long way in helping me and even if you can’t donate please follow the Project and SHARE!  Anything you can do to support is super helpful. Thank you so much!