£5000 in 5 weeks

A project by: Monique Ntozakhe

pledged of £9,800 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Fri 10 Apr 2015

Who are you?

  • I'm a young lady from South Africa, passionate about aeronautical engineering and anything aviation-related.

  • I am studying a BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering at the University of South Wales

A short summary of your project

  • I'm raising £4900, which is 50% of my fees- the minimum that I need to enrol to continue my studies.

  • I want to be an aeronautical engineer.

  • I want to go to Africa and inspire the youth to take STEM subjects and not be afraid to soar and be great, above what they ever imagined.

  • I want to, one day be in a position where I can give bursaries and scholarships to young people like me, who don't have the financial means to achieve what they want, but who don't let that kill their dreams- young people who are tenacious.

Your story

  • After trying everything I could to raise my university fees myself, I have run out of time.

  • I am raising money to pay my university fees.

  • The minimum that I need to pay to be allowed to enrol is £4900

  • Being able to raise this money is the difference between me being sent back to South Africa without achieving what I set out to the UK to achieve. 

  • It is the difference between being ending up like my mother and aunts (no education) and breaking the poverty circle.

  • One of President Nelson Mandela's most powerful characteristic was a fighting spirit, he never gave up, never stopped, never got discouraged because he knew that what he was fighting for was worth it. I have inherited that characteristic from him and I believe that I will make it.

Where will the money go?

  • All the money will go towards paying my fees- the total of my tuition fees is £9800

  • The full target will be the full amount of my fees

  • There is a non-profit organisation called Southern African Women in Aviation and Aerospace industry (SAWIA) that supports young people by giving them bursaries, they go to underprivileged schools and promote STEM subjects and they run a whole lot of programs to help the youth- this is an organisation that I support and want to work with.

  • I will give updates of my progress in university.


  • Everyone who donate will get a thank you mention on twitter, virtual assistant services from www.mn-virtualsolutions.co.uk and Rayban Sunglasses.

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Help me succeed!

  • Please help promote the project, by sharing with as many people as you can, as time is running out.