Bristol Improv Edinburgh 2012

A project by: Emily Cawse



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This project received pledges on Thu 21 Jun 2012
You couldn't make this up...

Bristol Improv is joining the annual comedy pilgrimage north to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - but we desperately need your support to get us there!


Our improvisers - Rosanna, Steve, Dan, Imogen, Caitlin, Mel, Jonathan, Jesse, Emily and friends - will be performing an hour of live, completely improvised comedy, six days a week for an entire month - and for free. The PBH Free Fringe provides performers with a free venue for the festival, on the condition they don't charge for entry. Our young, student, aspiring comedians have an amazing opportunity to live, breathe and, if they're lucky, eat comedy - but they won't be earning any money from it. This is why we need help to fund our project.


We are raising £300 to pay for our membership of the Festival Fringe Society. This gives Bristol Improv an entry in the official programme, the chance to be reviewed by the press, and access to essential performer facilities. We need this membership to bring in an audience, get critical recognition, and have something to show our mums.


Thank you so much for your support!
- Emily Cawse, Rosanna de Dios Fisher, Steve Hartill, Dan Titmuss, Caitlin Campbell, Mel Melville, Jonathan Bitel, Jesse Young and the rest of Bristol Improv!