Burst Radio - Outside Broadcasting Capability

A project by: Rob Griffiths


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This project received pledges on Mon 26 Mar 2012
Bristol University Radio Station

About Burst:

Burst Radio is the University of Bristol’s student radio station. We broadcast online 24/7 during term dates to the students of Bristol. We know what students want to hear since all our presenters are currently studying at the University. We’re not just limited to the students of Bristol, many of our listeners are locals to the city or are in Higher Education across the UK.

We represent every corner of life at Bristol Uni and our programming schedule represents this. We have around 80 shows and over 100 presenters broadcasting about their interests and passions, from the Arts Review Show to the Zoology Society.

Our reach is not just confined to the radio studio, our DJs can be heard in clubs in all over the city and we work closely with the popular clubnights in Bristol.  We also host our own weekly show on the local community radio station BCFM 93.2FM.

You can find out more and listen online at www.burstradio.org.uk.

Why we need your help:

The station has never been in a such a strong position to deliver quality student radio, but we struggle to make ends meet and have to rely on the kindness of our large committee (17 strong!) who dedicate so much time to running our 24/7 station.

We are looking for finance to purchase some kit for Outside Broadcasting, so we can take the station out of the studio and go roaming around the campus and further afield when we need to cover special events. The kit we need isn't too expensive or complicated, but the only real source of finance we receive currently is our annual membership fees of £5 per person, so every little helps.


Here's a breakdown of what we're looking to buy:

  • 1x Laptop - PC World - HP Pavilion - £299.97>
  • 1x USB Audio Mixer - Thomann - Behringer XENYX X1204USB - £120.35 + Shipping
  • 2x Active Full Range Speakers and Stands - Mackie Thump TH-15A - £538.00 + Shipping
  • 2x Condenser Mics - Amazon.co.uk - AKGD5 - 2x £63.22 = £126.44 + Shipping
  • 2x Microphone XLR Cabling - Amazon.co.uk - Stagg 6m XLR - 2x £4.95 = £9.90 + Shipping
  • 2x Small Mic Stands - Amazon.co.uk - KONIG Microphone Stands - 2x £3.95 = £7.90 + Shipping

Total Cost = £1102.56 and we're hoping to raise a bit extra to cover the shipping costs and various admin fees like Paypal's charges and production costs of t-shirts & posters.


We've got loads of cool goodies as rewards for donating including Burst Merchandise, limited edition posters, CDs and a couple of other fun things.


Please get in touch if you have any questions: marketing@burstradio.org.uk