Chump Change

A project by: NovaRoma Media Productions

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Completion Date: Fri 31 Oct 2014
A song about the working man.

Let's face it we all, at one point in time, worked jobs we don't like. 'Chump Change' embodies the working man and what it's about it having to work all day, every day, to make the money you need to get by.  Electro City, a talented group of young musicians based out of Santa Ana, tell a story of what it's like having to working for the man and getting nothing but chump change back.

Join us as we take you on a ride through the life of the hard-working man ...

Our Project

Who we are:

Electro City

Edgar Espino (Vocals)


Alex Morr (Guitar)

Julian Aldaco (Drums)

Edgar Treto (Bass)

NovaRoma Productions

Dan Svec (Director/Producer)

Richard 'Pops' Ramirez (Production Manager)

Albert Castillo (Director of Photogrpahy)

Jesse Newman (Producer)



Mario Sanchez (Design)


The Million Dollar Question

- Why do we need funding, and why is it important to us?

This film/project is important to us because it'll allow us to portay our talents to the world. We are an ambitious group of young artists that want to hit the ground running and create exciting content that our audiences will enjoy. By completing this music video, we will do everything in our power to get the video seen ,and marketed, enough to where it will our calling card to the entertainment industry. 

- How will we spend the funds?

The fund will be spend on the production needs of the music video (food, transportation, post-production, etc.), with also the aim to market the music video in the film festival circuit. 


Money Isn't Everything

It's true. If you want to help, but you are not in the financial state to do so, you can help by being a part of the funding campaign. By clicking the "be a helper" button, this will enable you to help us get the word out.

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Thank You!

Lastly, many thanks for your support in helping us create what we are passionate about!