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Groundbreaking Msc Applied Positive Psychology programme. Help me be able to help my students more!

I am wishing to start a postgraduate programme studying a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. This will be achieved part-time over 3 years beginning this September 2015, conducted through distance learning in my spare time, whilst continuing in my working role full time.

I am very excited to have met the academic criteria requirement and been accepted a place onto this very forward looking and unique postgraduate programme at UEL. It is a very respected and highly regarded new specialised programme, the only one of its kind in the world.

 MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) - by Distance Learning (at UEL)

    This new exciting course combines the very best of theory, research and practice in positive psychology and coaching psychology. It has been created because     UEL have been looking for ways to expand the "applied" dimension of positive psychology, and to offer students a range of practitioner- development skills and     practical tools to work with groups and clients. Coaching psychology being the ideal discipline for this purpose.

    The course has been designed to give students like me the skills needed to work professionally as an integrative coach (applying positive psychology in real-life     settings).
    You can view the full course details here. You can also read more about the modules.
    This new programme will give me further knowledge and experience that will enable the practice of applied psychology professionally as an integrative coach     and be involved in a growing and important field contributing to our understanding of well-being. 

APP is something I am, and have been, very keenly interested in. That is, the science of well-being and happiness, and hence the study of personal, group and organisational flourishing (thriving). I am a firm believer in that our emotional and mental wellness affects how we are physically, how we then perceive and experience the world and what our goals and aspirations can be. This does have a direct impact/and effect on how successful, or otherwise, we are in every field of our lives, including our academic success and social success at school. The reason in embarking on this Master’s degree is to bring these APP ideas and, more importantly, interventions and activities into our school and our classroom environment.

Since having a very profound near death experience (N.D.E.) over 15 years ago, which helped transform my perspective on life and gave me much more insight and understanding into the spiritual nature of our lives, I have been involved, in some capacity or other, in the fields of wellness and well-being, working with people of all ages. I have trained in meditation practices, as well as using of different Thai massage techniques to bring about positive transformation, and have been involved within Yoga retreat and meditation centre projects around the world. I have worked professionally outside of the educational arena, as well as at the moment working within it.

I am currently working in Queen Elisabeth High School, a secondary comprehensive, as a Teaching Assistant, and my role has been, and continues to be, to help and support the pupils and students within the school, to benefit their progress both in their learning and, more importantly, to oversee and help with their well-being, both emotionally and mentally. For the past couple of years I have been actively engaged in providing support provision to the sixth form element of QEHS in my role as key stage 5 support.


I am passionate about  my role within QEHS, working with young people, and plan to continue to be an active and positive influence within this great inclusive educational arena we have here in Carmarthen.


I am married, have 2 children, and my wife is also working in a supportive capacity for Carmarthenshire County Council, as a Re-enablement Worker within Health and Social Care. We both have been working within the fields of Wellness and Support for 15 years. We both have the minimum levels of salary, at present, and so I am not in a position to fund this fully by myself.


Please will you support me by helping to pay for some of the fees enabling me to participate in this really worthwhile and positive programme of study. It is a course that is very close to my heart, and will enable me to improve my skills/expertise in improving well-being for individuals and groups within varied applied settings.

Your contributions will go towards a very positive course, enabling the potential to create very positive outcomes for real students and people. Your support, it is hoped, will have a direct and positive impact on the well-being of many many students and people in the years to come. Your help will have made a really important difference.

     The link below has information on the course content and ethos.

University of East London (UEL)

Fees - United Kingdom (UK) & European Union (EU) Students

Full-time 2015/2016: £8,950

Part-time over 3 years, see below

60 credits in year 1 year - £2,983

60 credits in year 2 year - £2,983

60 credits in year 3 year - £2,984

So, for funding my study for Year 1, I am needing to raise £2,983 in fees

         I have been able to save 2/12th’s of the first years fees (=£500), 

         and am looking to:

- raise up to 10/12th’s of the fees (=£2600 includes PayPal/Swipe fees) from crowd funding (Hubbub).

[Any additional funds raised will be amazing, gratefully received and will, of course, be put forward in helping fund Years 2 and Years 3 fees for this study programme]  

 The start of the course is 28th September, 2015. 

There is an early payment discount of 5% if fees are able to be paid before 18th September 2015.


[There is also, I understand, an instalment plan available (where 5 consecutive months of recurring payment are set up in an online process).]

Studying a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology will have a direct impact on the students I work with. It will be beneficial in furthering research in this new and important field, and will certainly benefit myself and my family and be positive for our futures. It will help me to become more involved in this new field of understanding wellbeing, and to becoming more involved in applying initiatives for improving wellbeing for individuals and groups in the future.


The learning outcomes and initiatives of this programme have the potential to have positive consequences for all individuals, groups and working relationships within all organisations. Happier pupils/people are more caring and compassionate pupils/people and are also much more successful pupils/people!


I want to make a positive difference for people of all ages and know this is the right path for me to follow now. I really hope you can see the positive attributes of this study programme, not just for my personal ongoing development in the field of well-being, but how important it will be to our community here in Wales. I really believe that if we can understand really what creates well-being, and then help create balance and improve well-being in peoples lives, then we are giving people real opportunity to succeed, and then we really are serving the student, person, or group, to progress in the most positive way. 


I have some fab and positive rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Please take a look."


Dylan Preece-Applied Positive Psychology

"Support me in this ground-breaking study programme to help me better support my students"  

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Wishing you abundance and love in all areas of you life,

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