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No child in the world has survived a DIPG Brain Tumour. We are close to a cure. Please help us.

**With Offline donations and our Amazing fundraisers we now have over £600,000 Thank you**

A child who is diagnosed with a DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) brain tumour has only a few months to live.  It's a race against time to find a cure to stop this deadly condition.

No child in the world has survived this.  With Professor Steven Gill and his team we hope that we will never have to say that again.

We are close to finding a cure, please help us to fund a clinical trial.

Using the revolutionary CED technology developed by Professor Gill (Convection Enhanced Delivery system) the team are able to infuse drugs directly into the brain - to date this is the biggest problem in treating all neurological conditions, the blood-brain barrier.

Figure above Unique CED catheter system comprises implantable microcatheters and a skull anchored port which allows drugs to be repeatedly administered without the need for further surgery.

We know
, with the help of brave Daisy Brooks, diagnosed with DIPG aged 6, that the system of delivering drugs directly into the tumour works.
(read more of Daisy's story at 
We know David's* tumour has reduced by 90%  after just 3 rounds of infusions.
All of these treatments have been carried out experimentally and have shown signs that we are closer than ever before to finding a cure. 
We know that there are a combination of drugs in the laboratory that if infused via the system could result in a cure!
We know that there are a number of children needing this treatment for any chance of survival, and that the only way this can be done is through a clinical trial.

Please help Funding Neuro to fund this trial
 and give these children that chance.
Together we can make a difference and beat the deadly DIPG.   

*Names have been changed       

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