Get me to King's College London!

A project by: Leoni L.

pledged of £13,000 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Sat 05 Sep 2015
support me with KCL tuition fees for me to study an LLM in one month


My name is Leoni. I am 22 and have just completed my Postgraduate studies in International Business Law.

Earlier this year I was offered places to study both for an LL.M. (Master of Laws; Legum Magister) academic degree in full-time at King's College London, and for a Masters degree specializing in economic law at la Sorbonne University (in France). I choose to go to King's College because it offers a wide range of qualityful modules that would enable me to specialize in tune with my professional project. The program also involves writing a dissertation, that will turn out to be constructive and beneficial way to enhance my writing skills to be more proficient in my future career.


The snag is the costly budget that is involved in taking up that educational path. I don't expect my small savings to cover my living costs in the expensive city of London, and thus I will have to work part-time to get along with basic expenses. As I'd be registered in a British Uni, I definitely would not be eligible for social grants from the French government. Similarly, the UK government doesn't offer grants for students with financial difficulties if they are enrolled in an LL.M. course. 

Not to mention the tuition fees of £13,000. I wasn't successful in getting any of the University's scholarships, which are highly competitive. My family haven't been able to support me financially in any ways so far, from the time I have started my university studies five years ago. It leaves me with the only option of a combination of crowdfunding - here!- and a student loan. Of course it would be ideal to get the biggest proportion in the first, to avoid as much as possible being compelled by indebtment in my early stages of immersion in a working life. Also, it is much likely that I wouldn't find any guarantor for a loan, which would leave me with the only option to get guaranteed by the government by paying a further interest rate.

It is full of hope that I am throwing this bottle into the ocean (the Atlantic Ocean). The craziness of the whole idea caught me and even managed to cast shadow over my usual pragmatical mindset; I am being optimistic.

If I hit the full target of raised money (which would be incredible) would be attributed to the tuitions costs. 

The extra-funds, if any (which would be even more unbelievable), would be allocated to my living costs such as paying the rent (about £130/pw). 

Your support, as small as it might appear, will act as a booster to reach a life turning point. Do not hesitate helping me to promote my project by posting it on social media pages; this could also be a very effective way to support me!