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Trying to raise €37,560 for 2 years MAPPE studies at Witten/Herdecke University,Germany


I'm raising €37,560 to cover my tuition and two years living expenses at Witten, Germany while studying for the Master of Art Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Witten/Herdecke University starting October 2015.  Being accepted for the program was an honour for me and provides a unique pathway to fulfilling my lifelong dream of scholarship, research and contribution of intellectual input to solving some of the world’s most pervasive social, political and economic problems.

I am sourcing for this amount to for the first time fully focus on my studies and my passions of research, writing and social activism during my studies.


About Me

I am Adebayo Waidi Gbenro, a Nigerian. I will say am a humanist and citizen of the world as I believe that peace, general welfare, egalitarianism, human rights and sustainable development is possible everywhere and anywhere, if we can be sincere with ourselves and run society in the general interest.

I strongly believe that everything is possible and the impossibilities of today are as a result of our ignorance today.  My dreams have always being teaching, research, writing and participation in the struggle to solving some of the world greatest problems like poverty, hunger, climate change, fiscal crises in key economies, severe income disparity, profound political and social instability etc.

My Story

I currently earn a living working as an accountant, even though this is just barely enough to sustain me. I also presently volunteer time and my expertise to Campaign Against Ignorance & Illiteracy (CAII) an NGO that I co-founded in 2002 as it executive director and to a number of other NGOs in Nigeria in different capacities.  I write poems and they are mostly inspirational, critical and thought provoking in nature and I have a few of them published on  below are links to some of them.

My aspiration of a better life for myself and for a better world has always being the driving force in my pursuits. My early life up till secondary school was like that of every average youngster full of life and many memorable moments. After that I had to struggle through the polytechnic doing one menial job or the other to get through school and finally obtain an HND in Accounting in 2001. Next was the job market and all kind of pursuit to earn a living and while also working to make society better. During this period I also struggled to earn bachelors in Economics (2014) and several Cousera certificate of accomplishment to my credit.


Where will the money go?

Breakdown of costs:-

- € 20,700 - Tuition Fees (2 years)

- € 16,800 – Housing/Sustenance (2 years)



I have some amazing rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Please check them out in the right hand column.


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