THE PLASTIC THEATRE: Have you ever got a dream?

A project by: Yana Kaprieva

pledged of £59,646 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Fri 31 Jul 2015
The Plastic Theatre: HAVE YOU EVER GOT A DREAM?

A short summary of THE project:

Who AM I?

MY story...

Where will the money go?

Find us here:

  • You can find me and my DREAMS on Facebook / Можеш да намериш мен и моите МЕЧТИ във Facebook: 

  • You can ALSO check my project page there / Можеш да разгледаш и страницата на проекта:

  • During the whole campaign there will be an event ”ONCE UPON A DREAM” / По време на цялата кампания там ще има и събитие “ИМАЛО ЕДНА МЕЧТА”:

  • The same event “ONCE UPON A DREAM” is launched on Google+ as well / Същото събитие ще върви успоредно и в Google+: