Jolo - brings together people with the same interests

A project by: John Voronov

pledged of £5,500 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Thu 07 May 2015
Easiest way to find like-minded persons for doing sports, assemble sports team, to arrange a party

Idea application

The easiest way to find like-minded people to do sports, assemble sports teams, arrange a party or to receive an invitation for coffee – is with Jolo!

Jolo is designed for you and anyone who wants to find people to take part in a joint activity.

Just choose and go!

Learn more about Jolo

Are you tired of useless friends or can't find anything to do? Want to throw a party, but get tired of waiting and gathering your friends?

Do you want to go to a café and spend time with new people or find someone to play tennis or football with? Yes!  

Use Jolo app. and you will meet and communicate with people you are interested in anywhere you want. And you can be a “Superhero for a day" and help others. Now it is so easy to arrange:

  • Party – Arrange parties, events, and meetings with people you want.
  • Sport – Find existing sports or create your own sports team just by your phone.
  • Gift – Look around - you have so many unnecessary things but someone really needs them. Post your stuff on Jolo and earn “Respects".
  • Help – “Superheroes of our days" need tools to do good things. Chose a request and help a friend.
  • Rent – Need something? Find what you need and borrow it.
  • Free Jolo – Want to do something special? Create a category and share it with people.

Usability of Jolo makes it easier to find new friends and adventures near you. 

What is "Respect"?

For each successfully completed Jolo, you are awarded "Respect". Each user in the system has its own level. The level depends on the number of "Respect" which earned by completing Jolo, or by taking part in them.

Money that has been donated to other users listed in the "Jolo Fund."

There are different events in the section "Jolo Universe". Each event contains a goal that should be reached by Jolo community and "Jolowers".

To support this or that event, Jolower should transfer to the event through a certain number of "Respect" which will be converted to real money and automatically accrued to the account of the event.

Company's current status

We managed to complete on their own following work:

  • Creation of app design
  • Shooting and editing major video for app
  • Shooting a video appeal
  • Development of the application site
  • Development of the Twitter page

What could we please you?

  • The application is completed by 85%.
  • Jolo will be available for iOS and Android users

The nearest plans and goals

  • Completion of a minimum version of the application and publication of it in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Work with users' feedback.
  • Release weekly updates.
  • Make Jolo multilingual.
  • Make a web version of the app.
  • PR of app. according to our media plan.
  • Work with schools and manage of promo actions.
  • Preparation of sponsorship packages and development of special offers to potential sponsors (e.g. Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc.).

About company

Our company, Jolo Systems s.r.o., registered in the Czech Republic in 2014. Since then, we have started serious work on Jolo.

Our team:

  • Sergey Hlebchik - Project Leader
  • John Voronov - Project Manager
  • Sergey Kovalenko - Technical Manager
  • Konstantin Sibitev - Marketing Specialist
  • Alex Jones - Developer (outsourcing)

Where will the money go?

  • Completion of a minimum version of the application and publication of it in the App Store and Google Play: £1,200
  • Make Jolo multilingual: £300
  • Make a web version of the app: £1,700
  • Starting PR of App, according to our media plan. 1'st month: £1,900
  • Work with schools and manage of promo actions: £400

Why we are asking for your help?

Yes, we already made Jolo. And now we need money for marketing issues and to finish the application. Funding will go directly to engage target audiences to use the application and make this project useful for everybody.
The more people we attract, the more efficient and useful would be application for everybody.

That is why we are here. And we need your support. Please choose to pledge and go with us!

Find us here