Love in the Past Participle

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Help fund a new play by award-winning playwright at Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Love in the Past Participle

Love in the Past Participle is STaG's 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production. Winner of New Works 2013, a four night festival that aims to expose some of Glasgow's best new writing, the LOVE team need a little support in order to get them to the Fringe!

The piece, by Barclay Award winning playwright John May, uses intertwining monologues to tell the loves and losses, drama and domesticity of four characters, Arthur, Billie, Mark and Olivia.

STaG (Student Theatre at Glasgow) are a student-ran theatre company based in Glasgow, dedicated to creating high-quality and engaging work. Previous shows at the Fringe include What's He Building in There? (**** The Skinny, **** and A Stone's Throw (**** The Scotsman, **** The Herald).


Love is(n't) All You Need

You also need about £7000, according to our finance secretary, Rob.

The society has been working hard all year to drum up funds, as has the LOVE team itself with various fundraising efforts, however this is where you come in. We need the support of our amazing family and friends, at home and abroad, to make our dream a reality. 

We believe our show, already described as "outstanding" by Yale Drama award winner Neil Weschler, is truly unique, and tells a story that Edinburgh, Scotland and yes, even the WORLD, needs to hear. 

We understand, however, that times are hard, money is tight and that you can't get something for nothing. So we've designed a specific package of gifts and rewards for all of those able to support us.


Money Isn't Everything, though...

LOVE to help, but no pennies to spare? Don't worry! We'd be super grateful if you wouldn't mind sharing this, our social media pages, and help spread the word! 


Say Hi!

Please drop us a line at We love to chat.

@STaG_Loves (be sure to hashtag us - #pastparticiple!)


Oh, and thank you!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the consistent, considerable love and support we receive from our parents, family, friends, colleagues and the University. You're always in our hearts :)