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Help me achieve an MA in Fine Art and get wonderful rewards!

The project

MA for Ana!

My name is Ana Kazaroff, I am a London based Argentinian artist and I need your help to finally go to art school! 

I have been recently offered a place at the MA Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School (http://www.cityandguildsartschool.ac.uk/courses/courses_and_pathways/ma_fine_art), for the year 2015-2016. The course is very highly regarded and their programme really suits my artistic practise as it focuses on the craft involved in the process of making. Craftswomanship is essential to my work.

Unfortunately, there is one hurdle that I cannot overcome on my own: the fee for the course is £10,000 (!). 

When I applied I thought it would be easier to get a bursary, that there would be a way, but I have had no luck. At the moment there is limited financial support for postgraduate students and most loans and scholarships target very specific groups. I feel lucky enough to have found this course and to have been accepted, so this is an opportunity I cannot ignore.

This is where you come in! It is only with your help that I can make it. You can have original artworks of mine; a unique, commissioned work; postcards or limited edition prints of my paintings; news of how I am doing while at school; you can visit me in my studio, see how I work. Whatever you can afford and whatever seems worth it.  

About me

On my first visit to an NHS hospital in London, I was asked to fill in a form stating my ethnicity. I didn’t know what to answer. 

My mother's parents were Italian immigrants and my father's grandparents, Jewish Ukrainians. In Argentina this is very common, so I had given little thought to the issue. 

Immigrating has allowed me to think of my national identity and that has shaped my artwork for the past few years. My work is informed by the histories and the traditions that my relatives brought with them when they migrated to Buenos Aires, alongside the multicultural environment of London, where I have been living for the past six years. 

I moved to London hoping to go to an art school here. An international artistic metropolis, London is an amazing place to grow and be as an artist. All these years I have been working intensively on my body of work in my studio at The Interview Room at The Old Police Station, where I share the space with six other female artists (https://www.facebook.com/opsinterviewroom), I have been attending short art courses and exhibiting my work as much as I can. At the same time, I support myself by teaching Spanish and a few years ago I started teaching painting privately. 

In 2012 I won an award for my poster of Argentina for Fernet Branca liqueur.

The course

Studying at City & Guilds would be very important as I would have a year to fully focus on my art, broaden my experience in art production, take advantage of opportunities for new artists that come hand in hand with a good art degree. In addition, as I would definitely like to further my teaching career within a more academic environment, a qualification would be essential. Becoming a fully fledged tutor and supporting new artists will allow me to give back to the community that has influenced my development so much over the last few years.

The length of the course is one year. I am fully prepared to do the best I can to make this the most fulfilling year of my life and to work very hard to overcome every obstacle thrown in my way.

The money

- I have saved £1000 and the School offers a £2000 bursary to students who can pay the rest of the fees. This means I need £7300 (including an estimate of what PayPal will collect). 

- The fees must be paid in three instalments, at the beginning of each term (which is my minimum of £2700, required by mid-September). 

- Any money raised on top of the funding target will be used for materials during my course, so I could make the most of the metal or wood work facilities of the School.


The following chart shows which rewards are included in each donation:

*Most donations include an optional visit to my studio as a personal way to stay in touch.

Below are some examples.

Eggs, candles and wishbones:

Paintings #1, #2, #3 and #4:

Paintings #5, #6 and #7:

Painting #8:

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Special thanks to Tomoko Suwa, Laura Kazaroff, Yu Sato, Chris Martin and Zoe Charaktinou for the photos and video.