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My name is Jay Hammond and I’m a musician and artist and I need your help to complete my Masters degree.  I have started my MA in Popular Music at Goldsmiths, University of London. For the year 2015/2017 (http://www.gold.ac.uk/pg/mmus-popular-music/)

 This Masters is very highly regarded with in it's field and I am very lucky to have been offered a place; however there is an obstacle that I cannot overcome at this point by myself. My fees for this course are  £9000 but because I am studying part time over two years my second year will be more expensive due to an add of inflation of up to 5% so £9250. BLIMEY!!! My thoughts exactly!!! I will be studying part time so I can work to support myself, but with my teaching/freelance work and part time jobs I can only cover my living costs. I have raised some of the fees and paid half of my first year but I still have a long way to go.

When I applied for this Masters I thought I would see if I was accepted first. To my amazement, I was offered an unconditional place at the end of my interview and audition.  As you can imagine I was elated. I thought there would be some funding or bursary available but I have found that there is very little and they have very specific criteria that I am not eligible for. Unfortunately there is limited financial help for students at Master level in this country at present. This is where you come in. It is only with your help that I am going to be able to complete my MA. 


I was born in Southeast London, where I grew up in Greenwich. My mother is an artist and my father is a musician. I have always been involved in the arts and music in some way. I began to realise I had vocal ability when I was in my teens from listening to old blues records like Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday and folk music such as Joni Mitchell. Blues and folk music has always spoken to me, from the melodies, rhythms and lyrically. But it was the voice of the singers that really got me interested at first.  I have performed in bands as a lead singer, written and performed original material and taught myself instruments. I have studied at The London College of Contemporary Music, where I then went on to complete a BA in Music and Visual Art at Brighton University, where I learnt about conceptual music and sound. I spent my three years in Brighton exploring and experimenting with the voice, creating vocal installations for gallery spaces and creating soundscape performances. As much as I am still very interested in conceptual sound, and this will also be part of my MA, I seem to have come full circle and I find myself writing folk/blues songs with my Ukulele. This has really developed out of teaching the Ukulele but I want to try and combine my disciplines in experimental sound as well to develop something forward thinking. By completing this MA it will give me the guidance and support I need to further myself as an artist.

One of the reasons I want to do this MA is due to a large absence of singing, performing  and creating work in the last 4 years. Unfortunately I became ill in the last year of my degree and really struggled to finish whilst trying to find out what was wrong with me. After 8 months I was finally diagnosed and properly treated. I did mange to complete my degree. But after my degree show I became worse. The aftermath of the illness and not being diagnosed for so long meant a lot of damage had been caused and I became more ill.   I was unable to work, perform, socialise and lead a normal life; I went from being an incredibly active person to spending most of my time in bed and hospital due to severe physical pain.  I did not sing, perform or create for 3 years!! I was so unwell I couldn’t attend my graduation and I had to turn down the opportunity of a residency with a sound artist called Janek Schaefer. Much was put on hold for me.

 The last few years have been very difficult recovering from a long illness but I have worked very hard at building work for myself. I now teach the Ukulele in adult education and freelance for an organisation called HeartnSoul, working with adults and children with learning disabilities. I really enjoy the work I do and I gain great pleasure in working within these communities, but I also want some time to continue to develop and progress with my own talents. Unfortunately this kind of teaching work is also unreliable. By having a Masters I will be qualified to teach in more academic environment. I believe having this qualification will secure me more stable work and a better future for myself. I feel this opportunity is a second chance and one I really don’t want to miss this time.


I have paid £2250 for half of my first year. This means I need to rase another £7300 (which including an estimate of what PayPal will collect 4%) and because I am taking my MA part time over two years, in the second year I will have to pay inflation of a maximum of 5% adding an extra £225 to my fees.
I will use my minimum target to pay for the rest of my first year. If I reach my full target all funds will go to pay my fees so I can complete my MA. 
If I raise more than my target amount, any extra funds will be put towards musical equipment to help create work for my projects.


I have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out!!!

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