Help Fund a School Library in Croatia

A project by: Jelena Saban


WE RAISED $5,750

from 95 donors

This project received pledges on Sun 06 Dec 2015

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Hope that you sucseed.....

It's sad that any school needs the help of strangers around the world to put books on its library shelves, but thumbs up for being proactive. Good luck. Just another Croatian elementary school teacher

May you soon reach your goal!

Wishing you great success!

Contributed as well :) Good luck with the project, I'm sad that I am not in position to give more. Kind regards, Daniel.

Pozdrav iz Canada :)

I hope the kids get all the books they need, and then some!

Good luck with your project!

Good luck!

I hope we will reach our today goal – one book for every pupil n Novo Cice. Integra Group

Good Luck!

Spomenuta je i mogucnost donacija knjiga. Izuzev lektire, rijecnika i enciklopedija, kakve knjige se smatraju prihvatljivim po sadrzaju? I pretpostavljam da se prihvacaju iskljucivo knjige na hrvatskom jeziku?


Good luck!

I hope you reach your target! I just donated and hope that the reward can be in my in-laws names, since this is my Christmas gift to them.