OSA Magazine Volume 2

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Completion Date: Fri 25 Sep 2015
Connecting architecture and design students at Oxford Brookes University

OSA is a platform for documenting, sharing and enabling the varied and exciting agendas being explored by students at the Oxford School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University.

Story behind OSA

The Oxford School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes is one of the largest schools of Architecture in the country, with over six hundred students from undergraduate through to PhD programmes and beyond. The size of the school means we have a huge variety of agendas being pursued by students, from our humanitarian programmes in Development & Emergency Practice, through to formal and representational investigations found in Advanced Architectural Design.

As students with different interests, it is difficult to keep in touch with each other therefore we started this magazine in order to encourage more than accidental encounters happening between students.

The elements of OSA Press are the digital sketchbook, printed and, the new addition this year, digital publication. Together they will create an environment that we hope will be frequented by students as well as professionals.

The website will change to accommodate the digital sketchbook. This platform will be for sharing completed or process images and ideas. The magazine is a slower, more considered medium which will act as a forum for documenting the varied interests and specialisations of our student body. As the magazine showed a considerable success during our first year, we will build on it and create a complimentary digital version which will offer a more interactive experience to our readers. This will be accessed in parallel with the magazine in order to give more flexibility in terms of medium to our contributors. The idea is to be able to include videos, gif images and sound recordings which will expand the reach of the print.

Volume 1 of OSA

OSA has had a successful first year with the release of three issues since September 2014. We believe that this year we have the opportunity to do that and more as we consolidate the position that our predecessors set out.

With topics such as Frontiers, Failure and Fetish we have managed to engage people with different architectural views and deliver to our readers material that is stimulating, fresh and engaging. From students and professionals, last year OSA has received articles such as ‘Conversation with Siki Im’, ‘From failure to personal commitment’ and ‘Architectural seduction’. With each new edition, OSA is looking to discover elements that are highly debatable in order to encourage diversity in material. This is what makes the magazine special, our strive for being difference while curating quality and quantity.

Who is making OSA

The magazine is a constant teamwork accomplishment. Last year’s team did a great job by kicking everything off in style and building the group and publication from zero. This year we have engaged new editors and contributors and we start with a new team but guided by the same beliefs.

There are four main editors which work on the production of the magazine. The majority of our content are original or edited submissions from fellow students, however we make space in each issue for alumni and selected contributors from other Schools of Architecture around the world, helping to situate the work of our school into an international dialogue.

What the funding will be used for

The magazine is self-funded and not-for-profit, with all the money from funding and magazine sail going into further printing as well as promotion materials and the expansion of the magazine’s reach.

Your investment will be used for:

  • Printing and posting old and new issues of the magazine wherever in the world at the lowest price possible (for all three issues of Volume 2)

  • Website domain and online activity

  • Promotional material with each of our new magazines

  • New Riso color drum which will give future issues more pop and help us keeping the printing expenses to a minimum

Money Isn't Everything

If you can't afford to make an investment at this point in time, you can still support us by helping to publicise our fundraising campaign. By doing so you will receive notification when the topics for the upcoming issues will be released to the public in order to assist with articles or promotion. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, where we'll keep you up to date with the progress of the magazine.

Thank you!

Your help and support will enable us to further encourage students to pursue their interests in design beyond the already broad curriculum and transfer their skills into fields such as architectural journalism, criticism and photography and go a long, long way towards helping us build an even stronger student community at our school of architecture. Thank you!

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch, you can find us through any of the following ways:

Twitter: @OSA_Mag

Facebook: OSA Magazine

Email: info@osa.ink

Web: www.osa.ink

Issuu: www.issuu.com/osa_magazine