Oxford Rapport

A project by: Pete Sofi

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Completion Date: Sat 21 Feb 2015
Help Others Speak Volumes
Who are We?
OxfordRapport is a handful of enthusiastic language teachers taking the courageous step to launch a college that inspires and educates.

A short summary of the project
Our goal is to help visiting Anglophiles improve their language skills so they can take bold steps in their own lives and go on to transform the lives of others.

The story
Overseas students equipped with an education from the UK go on to contribute at the highest level in the UK and wherever their careers take them overseas. Arianna Stephanopoulos is a wonderful example. As a girl living Greece, her closest relatives shunned her dreams of a place at Cambridge University. To her surprise she was awarded a scholarship and realised her dream. She has gone from strength to strength. After becoming the first ever woman president of the Debating Society in the UK, she went to have a hugely successful career, starting the Huffington Post in the U.S., has been an inspiration to many and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Stories like these abound with many leaders of nations and industries crediting their time acquisition of English and time spent in the UK as a turning point in their lives. 

It's a game changer for them and it's a game changer for us.

More Perspective:

Question: Imagine you’re a non-native English speaker trying to gain a foothold in the knowledge economy. How helpful would it be to have English in your arsenal? 
Answer: Infinity and beyond.

Question: How detrimental is it to be without this? 
Answer: Glass ceiling.

Question: What does it mean to students? 
Answer: A new world of connections, possibilities and culture.

Question: What does it mean for the local teaching fraternity? 
Answer: An exciting chance to become part of a success story.

Question: Which language is most used in the International Space Station?
Answer: English 

Question: Roughly what percentage of patents are filed in English?
Answer: 28% (EPO, 2013)

Question: What is the official international language of airline pilots?
Answer: English (International Civil Aviation Organisation)

Question: Which language has supplied contributed more new words to the worldwide knowledge economy?
Answer: English 

Question: How difficult is it to get started as a new educational institution?
Answer: Very.

Question: How can you help support us?
Answer: Donate something, however small

Where will the money go?
We need to secure suitable premises to lease, books, a photocopier etc. Oh, and we'll probably need some central heating and some tea in the cupboard.

PLEASE Help us succeed!

Thank you.