Photeo - Image, Video, Mood and Audio Sharing IOS App

A project by: Ben Jeffries

pledged of £5,000 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Sun 06 Apr 2014
Explore. Share. Connect.

Building a web service and an iPhone app that will take allow you the ability to share more than just photos; fill your feed with photos, videos, moods and sounds!

Now help us to develop it, by pledging to us!

Have you ever asked yourself the question; why doesn’t Instagram offer the ability to share moods and audio?

The simple answer is they don’t want the app to be too much like Facebook; however we want our users to experience the ability to share more content then ever, without the app becoming over crowded with unwanted Ad’s and wall posts between others that doesn’t effect you, so we decided to create, Photeo.

Photeo will give users the ability to explore and share more content then ever, as well as connect with those who matter most to them. With a carefully thought-out design, Photeo is customised to fit your needs, whether that be photo feeds, video feeds, sound feeds, mood feeds or all of them in one collected feed, Photeo is built around you.

Photeo is built on the fastest servers so that you are able to explore other’s content and share your content as quickly as possible.

Why Crowdfunding and what to do with the money:

Photeo will bring true value in producing the best possible app on the market. We aim to crowdfund £5000 which will be used to get the app developed as well a little extra for advertisement.








The IOS App as well as the web service developed by an experienced developer


Privacy Policy

Done by a professional lawyer to ensure that our customers are suitably protected


Server Hosting

3 year’s hosting to ensure fast server’s for our users











Twitter Endorsements

Get the app promoted via twitter through celebrity endorsements


Facebook Advertisement

Get the app promoted across Facebook through sponsored posts


Student Ambassadors

Get the word spread about the app across the country through students at different universities






TOTAL: £5,000

If more money is raised then that will be used to pay for further advertisement of the app.

Rather than give a huge, long, boring description, we thought we'd highlight what is important. We assume a lot of you will have questions, so please contact us for any questions!


  • We have our developer on stand-by to start development once funding is received