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Help us change the representation of women and their bodies in photography.

We are Pink Pistols, a London-based collective aiming to challenge the representation of women in fashion photography. We have an amazing opportunity to curate an exhibition of new work by a group of talented emerging artists in June 2015 - but we need your help to make it happen.

Why we are doing this

We’re Lolo and Simone, MA Fashion Photography students at London College of Fashion.

We’re international students – from Chicago and Copenhagen – and relative newcomers to London. We’ve found it an inspiring, progressive and innovative place, certainly in its art and culture, but at the same time we’ve continued to see the same problematic image representations of women not only around the world, but in London as well.

So it’s time for us to celebrate something new.

What we want to do

Pink Pistols has the opportunity to curate an exhibition of work from a talented community of artists who share our passion, at Doomed Gallery in Dalston, East London. Instead of the common portrayal of women as passive, malleable and weak, our exhibition will celebrate and explore the limits of the female body.

From 18th to 21st June 2015 our collective of artists will present photography and performance that challenges convention (check out our event on Facebook!) and will provoke a new wave of thinking. We’ll also be producing a book featuring the work to take home with you.

What it will look like

We can reward you

We’re thrilled to offer the following rewards to our supporters:


Support us and receive a striking digital image of a work featured in the Pink Pistols exhibition, such as this


If you can donate a little more, we will send you a postcard print of an image like this one


At this level, we will send you a high quality un-mounted poster print of an image from the exhibition. This is an opportunity to own a beautiful artwork, such as this


A professionally bound, and immaculately presented, limited edition book featuring all of our artists’ work. The print run will be limited to 100.

Who we are

We’re Laura and Simone. We’re lifelong fashion fans, who met on the London College of Fashion’s renowned MA Fashion Photography course.

While we’re full-time graduate students now, we both have professional backgrounds as photographers shooting fashion editorials. As artists we not only believe in our own vision and work but also in other artists around us and this is why we Pink Pistols exhibition is important to us - to support and showcase new talent - and enjoy very much the role of both being curators as well photographer. 

Art is for us here to be shared and discussed - to raise awareness and suggest new ideas to issues within society. 

We feel that it is the photographer’s responsibility not only to document, but also to innovate and posit new arguments and we would like you to join us in doing this.

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