Proteus - Fragmented Identities Performance

A project by: Clara Giaminardi



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This project received pledges on Sat 13 Jun 2015
Live performance & exhibition in London.

Proteus - Fragmented Identities is an ambitious multidisciplinary collaboration, involving a number of disciplines: visual communication, performative arts and fashion. It is an exploration of the fragmentation and reconstruction of identity in the modern age, and its effects on the relationships between individuals.

The Concept

Identity is a fundamental theme for our generation in an age of uncertainty and continuous change, in which wide access to information and exposure to the changing global landscape through instruments such as the Internet and a boom of social media (Facebook, Twitter,...) have started new discussions into the definition and possibilities of the subject. Various aspects of what defines our identity have been put in the spotlight, highlighting their fluid and performative nature. They have been explored not only in the studies of various branches of science, but also through various visual and artistic expressions.


We are a group of young artists from all over the world working with different disciplines. We are determined to make the most of London's amazing melting pot of talent and inspiration, by combining our visions and creating this site specific performance.
Clara Giaminardi (Italy) is an MA Fashion Photography student at London College of Fashion. She is co-directing the performance, together with Eleni Papaioannou (Greece), a choreographer and alumni from London Contemporary Dance School. The soundscape is created by sound designer Georgio Oniani (Georgia). Devin Howell (USA), who is curating the fashion styling and installation, is currently a student on the Graduate Diploma Fashion Media Styling at London College of Fashion.
Our broad range of cultural and artistic backgrounds has allowed us to explore a wide spectrum of the possibilities offered by such a vast theme, ultimately allowing us to imprint it with a strong personal nature.

WHy we need you

As all the pieces of our project come together, we are preparing to present this performance at an amazing location in Peckham. We are asking for your help to allow us to create the best possible experience for us and for you.
We would like to crowdfund £500. Your donations will go towards covering the costs of the space rent and event catering, and allowing us to print promotional materials such as flyers, poster and postcards. We also aim to produce a program for the show, an illustrated booklet explaining the concept and work behind the piece.

We need your help to make this work out the way we envisioned it, so please donate freely on this page.

To thank you, we have made available a series of rewards, ranging from postcards to limited edition prints.

All sponsors will have their name featured in a thank you section of the program, and will received a personal email from us.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the performance!

PROTEUS - Fragmented Identities will be performed on Sunday 14th June 2015 from 7pm, at Safehouse 2 (139 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN