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David and the Toronto Film School

A project by: David Rawlings


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This project received pledges on Thu 17 Dec 2015
Can you help me attend the Toronto Film School in Canada?

Who Am I?

- Hello. I'm David. I'm 34 and I'm currently working as an English Language Teacher, as well as freelancing as a filmmaker. 

What I hope to do

- I'm looking to raise a minimum of £5000 to help fund my studies at the Toronto Film School in Canada. I've been a freelancer filmmaker for the last few years and have produced videos, ranging from promotional, wedding, and entertainment videos. Attending the Toronto Film School will give me the knowledge and skills I need to establish myself in this industry.

My story (abridged)

- Here's a quick run down about me:

  • Graduated the University of Plymouth with a 2:1 in Media Arts.
  • Attended a wildlife documentary course in South Africa - which I payed for myself.
  • Have been working as an ESL Teacher for the last 4 years - teaching in South Korea and England.

I've always been interested in films, even from a very young age. I distinctly remember being about 5 years old and choosing to watch the "Making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" on TV rather than going out and playing with my friends. I was fascinated with how they put this film together, and it's what started my passion for films.

I've been lucky enough to have worked on some big productions, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and much smaller productions, including my own full horror feature. I put a lot of money and sweat into that production, but ultimately I was far too ambitious. I did, however, learn a whole lot.

Attending the Toronto Film School will help my development as a filmmaker, and will also give me access to the industry within North America. Toronto is a hot bed for film and TV production, and I know I will put in the hard work. I have the determination and motivation to network to establish contacts within the Film production industry. 

Your kind donation will help me with my determination and my motivation.

Where will the money go?

Most of the money I raise will be going towards my studies, with a little going towards my living expenses. I have some savings which will go towards the course, but the donations will help cover the rest of the course's fees plus all additional fees: books, equipment etc

If I happen to raise more than my target, I will review the rewards I have on offer and adjust them appropriately.

I plan to give as many updates, throughout the funding, as possible.


I've provided various rewards for the different amounts of donations. Please check out my rewards list.

Please note that most rewards have a delivery date of December 2016. However, there is a high chance that multiple rewards will arrive earlier but at separate times. In the case of the £50 tier, due to the nature of the reward and the length of my course, this could go beyond December 2016.

The Toronto Film School have kindly designed some digital film posters for my rewards. These posters are print quality and come in three variations.

For donations of £5, or more, you'll get a choice of one poster. For donations of £15, or more, you'll get a choice of two posters. And for donations of £35, or more, you'll receive all three digital posters. In addition, if you make a donation of £75, or more, you will receive printed copies of all three posters. Please see examples of the posters below (note that reward versions will be larger in size and a higher quality.)

For donations of £100, or more, donors will receive all prior rewards as well as a 9" by 12" framed canvas from Press Start Art. Here is an example of the image that will be on the canvas:

For donations of £500, or more, donors will receive all prior rewards as well as TWO 12" by 16" canvas from Press Start Art. Donors will have a choice of the following 10 images:

         Jimi Hendrix                        Pip Boy                           Dave Ghrol                        Deadpool

           Rorschach                      Stormtrooper                        Skyrim                             Batman


       Snake (MGS V)                       Portal

For the largest donation of £1000, or more, the reward will be all prior rewards plus a rare, exclusive, official "Call Sheet" of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" dated September 20th 2008. This four and half page call sheet details the cast and characters, scenes that were planned for that date's shoot, and the various departments.

Please note, any personal phone numbers on the call sheet will be redacted in black pen.

Find ME here

You can follow me on these social media sites for further updates:




twitter: @RawkyRoo

instagram: mr_rawky

Help Me succeed!

You don't need to give money to help me succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support me. In fact, share it with everyone you know if you think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.

And I know we said we don't need to give money to help, but I'd love it if you did! Please sponsor me and help make this happen.

Thank you so so so much in advance.