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This project received pledges on Wed 15 Apr 2015

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Congratulations on reaching your minimum target! Best of luck from both of us :) James and Michaela xx

Hurrah!! Looking forward to graduation!! Xxx

Fantastic news! Onwards and upwards... Good luck, Nicola x

well done! P&M

Well done Rosie. Hope Harvard is ready for you! You are always welcome to come for a holiday out west with some old people. x

Congrats Rosie and good luck, Julia Burchell, EVs


Good luck Rosie! We've got our fingers crossed for you! Much love Kate & James (Wynborne-Robinsons)

Good luck with the course, sure you'll do something amazing and congrats on the fundraising so far!

Good Luck Rosie!!!

Hi Rosie, We hope that you have a wonderful time at Harvard. Enjoy! Geoff & Babs Crandon xxx

Good luck Rosie! X

Nearly there! :D

Hey there, you may not remember me but we met on the Guildhall School of Music youth program. You're awesome, go and have an amazing time! :)

Good luck Rosie! If (when!) you get the minimum, I also request a video of you doing the Reach OSCA dance. X

Go girl!

Good luck Rosie, a fantastic opportunty! love Danusia and Lee xx

Please please please break the barrier that is going on with the arts. It is needed! I truly think what youre doing is amazing and if you stay true to your words, you def will be high in my books!


Good luck Rosie! Hope all goes to plan, seems like a really exciting project!

Good thing you reminded us! The world needs as many highly educated, motivated and genuinely socially aware people like you as possible. Plus I really wanted to get you over the 6k mark. x

Good luck Rosie!

Good luck Rosie, it's an incredible opportunity and I can't think of a better person to take it! x

Best of Luck!

Good luck Rosie, love Jacinta & Nick xx

Well done Rosie, all the best and good luck :-) xxx

Good luck! You'll make a fantastic teacher!

Good luck Rosie! You deserve this opportunity! xx

Good luck, hope you reach the target!

The £700.00 was your learning to drive fund

Good luck Rosie, an Eclectic Voices choir member

Good luck Rosie! From Russell and Maggie xxx

Really hope you make it!!!

good luck lady!

Good luck, fingers crossed. Iain

£10 with love from Bada and Family. Good luck Rosie!! xxx

Good luck Rosie !

Good luck Rosie!! Christine Middelkamp & family

Good luck! X

Hey Rosie, bringing the arts to these communities is a great thing to do - best of luck with it! Merlin

Every little helps... Hoping you get the full amount! X

Good luck!

Good luck, Rosie. xxxx