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studying at Royal Central Speech and Drama London
Hi everyone, I hope that this message finds you all well and if nothing else provides you with just an update on my life and being since moving to London 7 years ago.

Seriously, I can't believe it was 2008 when I made the big and crazy decision to move to London! That year when I arrived, I began working within the field of education. The first 2 years I spent working in Montessori Nurseries, an alternative approach to traditional English Nurseries which gave me great experience. After this time I took a year out and travelled India before I settled into a full time role at The Garden School. This school specialises in teaching children with a diagnoses of autism. The school has provision for children as young as 3 and up to 16 years of age, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work across a variety of ages over the four years at this school. The children are remarkable within their own right, resilient, creative and full of life. It has been during this time that I firmly established myself as a practitioner in the field of autism. During this past year I have led two significant projects, one of which was exhibited within the community museum in Hackney, East London (click here to see more in detail PICTURE TAKING). The first project came from a life long passion I have with photography. I felt strongly that these children could benefit from a voice to express themselves with. What better medium is there than the lense of a camera? This project received validation from the school and also received funding from The Arts Council. The second project was within the realm of drama. I ran this class in my own time with a colleague and the support of great people. This session allowed the children some space to engage in therapeutic work, on a one to one level, as a group and culminated in a magical finale… It was during this time and another trip to India that I realised my potential as a practitioner in drama therapy.

In October I will begin a masters in Drama Therapy at The Royal Central Speech and Drama University, London. This has been a huge achievement for me as the competition to be awarded a place is tough. With only a limited number of participants, 20 in fact and over 80 entries received. The University Royal Central is well renowned in the industry and will offer me the chance to become a qualified therapist specialized in drama and movement. If you would like to take a look at this master in greater depth, click on the link: MA Drama and Movement Therapy (Sesame) 

The masters is full time and will require my passion, dedication and commitment. As a result I gave my resignation and in October I will become a student, along with a university fee of £10,000
This, of course, will impact dramatically on cost of living that I will need to sustain for 18 months, the duration of the course. As this is a therapeutic approach, an additional requirement is to be in personal and group therapy throughout the course duration. 


Any donation is deeply appreciated and will enable me to keep focused on achieving the qualification. You might ask why I approach you for support? This is due to zero funding / government support at this level of studying. It is a real shame, however I feel very motivated to achieve this qualification and have taken out a professional career development loan to enable me to do this. Therefore any financial support you can offer will be greatly appreciated and put to very good use.

Thank you very much in advance for your support :)