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Help fund the cutting of SDT's very first vinyl release

The project …

Schoolboy's Death Trio have just recorded our debut album and we’re very excited to share it with you. All that’s left is to raise the funds to get it mastered and cut, and that’s where you come in. We need to raise £2500. We know it sounds like rather a lot of money, but you get what you pay for, and we aim to provide only the highest quality audio-visual production!

Who are we?

SDT is tough break beats, exuberant percussion, dirty fuzz bass, and a front man simultaneously pushing ferocious saxophone and punk rap poetry. Think Last Poets raging at the top of Cypress Hill.

Our story

In 2013 horn player and artist Andrew ‘Schoolboy’ Neil Hayes teamed up with the father of funk himself, Marcel Osborne to realise a project that had been a long time coming. The aim was to say what needed to be said and play what needed to be played – more or less. Not long after the raucous percussion of Pedro Alves and the frenetic drumming of Rhii Williams were added to the mix and we began gigging.

A common pattern developed… recordings and media alone tended to divide (we were labelled misogynist, impassioned, disrespectful and exciting). However the live shows united, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together and getting down with the groove. Perhaps this disparity in reception was due to the decreasing ability of us all to engage with, and understand material unless fully immersed in a sensory experience. Today it seems there are so many distractions. Because of this, the live show is most important to us. It is a space in time to transcend our usual selves and affect positive change.

Previous attempts to record our sound failed to capture this live energy so important to our ethos. But in 2015 we met Drezz, an analogue engineer who presented us with the opportunity to record entirely live to tape, the good ol’ way. Sadly Rhii had to make a last minute exit, but recent jamming partner Emma Holbrook stepped in to complete a heavyweight line-up and drummed a fine job. The result is worth a listen. 

As musicians and artists we have the wonderful privilege of being able to express ideas to an audience and move them in some way. Speaking as The Schoolboy, I can say I’ve always felt sensitivity for the feelings of those around me. It’s no secret that modern society has gone part way up the shitter but conventions often attempt to conceal such thoughts. We all live and we all die. Nature doesn’t care for hierarchy; we are all equal. So lets get together and fight through the shit as one - that is what SDT is about. Without you there would be no SDT and we are continually grateful for your support. 

Where will the money go?

This campaign is essentially a pre-order scheme to put the goods in your hands and ears! Before you can enjoy the recording, two processes must happen:

  • Firstly, it needs mastering to even out the levels (a kind of sonic icing on the cake).
  • Secondly, the physical media must be produced.

As independent artists this isn’t cheap, and that’s why we’re asking for your help. We need to raise:

  • £800 to master the album.
  • £1200 to produce vinyl.
  • £300 to produce the CDs.
  • £200 leftover studio costs.

Extra money raised over the target of £2500 will go into helping finance a UK tour to take our music to new audiences. We’ll be putting on an extra special show in February next year to celebrate the launch of our debut album and see us off on tour.

What you get back

In addition to the beautiful 12” Vinyls and CDs of our music, in high fidelity sound, with accompanying artworks, we have some cool rewards. As The Schoolboy also dabbles in design, now is your chance to get some really cheap work done whilst helping out SDT at the same time! Check out all the options over on the right.

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Help us succeed!

We would like everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy our music so it will always be available to stream online for free. It you're strapped for cash you can still help our cause by spreading the word and passing on the message to everyone you know. Thanks for your time and support, lets make this happen!