The Fall- Short Film

A project by: Kris Bilski

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Completion Date: Fri 04 Apr 2014
Short film about domestic violence


With its central themes of domestic violence, redemption and family life, "The Fall" tells the story of Mike, a conflicted, middle-aged man who has done some bad things to his family. Following an angry exchange which culminates in his wife telling him she wants to leave, Mike aggressively trashes his house and beats her up. We follow Mike into his new life, a life of solitude, and watch him struggle to reconnect with his daughter.



Hate Crime- PosterHate Crime- Poster

After creating an awareness video for the Humberside Police on Hate Crime and Children in Care documentary made for Children’s Participants and Rights Team, East Riding Council for educational and awareness purposes. I would like to continue my interest in socially relevant themes by making a film which focuses on the consequences of domestic violence.

I plan to make a film which show how domestic violence can destroy families, which often as in the case of my protagonist prevents reconciliation, despite his deep regret and hope.From my own research I have found out that Domestic violence has a higher rate of repeat victimisation than any other crime and 2 women are killed every week in England and Wales. I have myself witnessed the domestic violence where my friend’s father has been aggressive towards his mother.

The Fall shows the consequences of domestic violence how it affects the family brake up. Daughter who feels not loved, missing her dad and falling in to drug addiction. And the father who regrets his decision from the past and hates to be in his current situation; living in a dirty bedsit having no hope for a better future. The film also shows a contrast between his life now and before. It shows his journey full of regret,hopes and struggle to reconnect with his only one daughter.



We are planning to shoot this movie from 4th to 13th of April 2014. 

We will be using Canon C100 to shoot this film. This production will give extensive experience to many of local filmmakers, students and actors. Many of them will be using it to improve their status on the market. In order to for this production to happen we need money to sort out the logistics, transport, props and many other things that goes with this scale of film making.

Your contributions will secure us: 

  •  props 
  • locations
  •  make-up 
  • transport 
  • sound designer

Bart Wedolowski- Sound Designer

Having a beautiful crisp image  is not enough, we cannot forget about having equivalent quality of the sound. Bart Wedolowski who did the sound design on Hate Crime will also be our sound designer on this film. He will record the sounds in 48khz 24bits. . Bart will produce a minimal music soundtrack to add suspense to the scenes where final soundtrack will be mixed in Dolby Surround.


 The Fall will be approximately 12mins long. - Our Website

 Thank you!