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Be a part of our journey at WCA and help us make the best Degree Show yet!

Who are we?

Wimbledon College of Art is well known for producing excellent artists and makers. And every year graduating artists get the fantastic opportunity to showcase their work in a degree show. This year however, we’re doing something more.

Here at Wimbledon we want to create a conversation about art. And with your help we would like to give this conversation a space and a voice.

Our goals

We really want and need our work to have a broad reach. That is why in addition to our final show we have been organizing art and social events across London not just to raise funds, but to bring our work to a wider audience. These events include art parties at the Bussey building, residencies in Hammersmith and the Bad Painting Prize.

Why do we need funding?

We are trying really hard to gather much needed funds for our show. Money raised will go towards promotion. As WCA is further out it is important that we make as many people as we can aware of the show and all that we have worked so hard to achieve over the past three years. To let people know that we are doing all these amazing things, your help is so important. Your help will enable us to print posters, flyers, banners and signs and spread the word.

If we reach our funding goal we will be able to invite artists and critics to write about and speak during our degree show. Lectures will be open to the public and all texts will be published in the catalogue which will be free. To cover the printing costs and to be able to offer our speakers some compensation for their time we are going to need a lot of funding.

What you can do

If you would like to help us reach our goals and create an amazing degree show which is free to the public you can donate and tell other people about this project by clicking the ‘I want to help button’ on this page.

We really appreciate any support that you can give and we hope to see you at the private view. Follow us on twitter twitter.com/WCA14DegreeShow and check out our website at wca14.com.

Thank you for supporting us!

 Amber Turner - BA Fine Art Painting


Peter Çan Bellamy

Phoebe Baines - BA Fine Art Sculpture