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Wheat Ridge High School's Goal: To build two hydrogen fuel cell cars!

Who we are

The Wheat Ridge High School STEM Team is a diverse group of students from freshmen to seniors, interested in engineering.  Many of us begin the class with little to no experience in engineering.  This project teaches us how to work together every step from designing the car to competing at the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Our Goal

Wheat Ridge High School's STEM Team is building two hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the Shell Eco-Marathon in April 2016!  

You can take a look at the competition's website here: 

(And make sure to take a peek at last year's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype division results for the Americas...Wheat Ridge STEM took home the first place trophy!)

Where will the money go?

The money raised through Hubbub will go directly toward the cost of the tires and rims for the two cars: one prototype and one urban concept vehicle.  Each of the cars will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, however the competition's design requirements for each of the cars are different.

Our minimum target amount of $720 is able to cover the three tires and three rims for the prototype vehicle, along with one backup rim and tire (which we needed last year!).  The funding goal of $1,790 meets the costs of the four rims and tires required for the urban concept car in addition to outfitting the prototype vehicle.

Any extra money raised will fund additional costs of purchasing other parts of the vehicles.  This would include, but not be limited to: electrical wires, circuit boards, batteries, brakes, and carbon fibre (for the body of the cars).

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We LOVE talking about the cars! Please direct any questions you may have to:

The Future

We look further than the finite lens of creating the vehicles.  We look past what we are doing today, past the competition next year, toward how we can improve the future.  Maybe we will be flying satellites through space, or inventing the eco-friendly cars of the future.  Any path we choose, with confidence we can all say that the Wheat Ridge STEM Team and its supporters helped us get there!

We are the thinkers, doers, and problem-solvers of tomorrow!

Help us succeed!

We are asking you to help support us in the challenge that lies ahead!  

Please share our project with everyone you can!  Follow us on Facebook, visit us at events around the Denver area--simply help us spread our story out there!  And if you have a few extra bucks, we would love your support! Every dollar adds up!

Thank you!

On Behalf of the Entire Wheat Ridge STEM Team, we send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our generous donors!  

We couldn't make this happen without you!