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Any donation, small or large, will be greatly appreciated and used solely for materials.

Me and My Project 

I'm Zoe Davidson, a student at Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and am a Creative Prosthetics Designer & Maker. Prosthetics literally means producing extensions and sculptures within and around the body to create new shapes and a new identity for the wearer.

Currently, I'm preparing for my degree show in May, and plan to go on into the film or fashion industry, creating special effects, props, body adornments, and so many other fabulous creations! In addition, June is when I'll be exhibiting my work at New Designers and possibly create fantastic contacts, and maybe even opportunuties!


Final Commerial Ring Piece fold formed copper and latex


Crab inspired sample piece


Why the Money?

The materials required to create my works are copper, liquid latex (rubber), plasticine and pigment which, in all, can create quite a lengthy bill. Thus, the money raised will be used soley on the materials to make my pieces.

I have been making small pieces so far using a traditional technique called fold forming. Fold forming is the folding and hammering of metal (copper in this case) to create some ribbed, curved, sculptural shapes. I blend these shapes with latex to create some sci-fi alien creatures. However, I feel my fold formed pieces could go a lot further. Bigger. Bolder. Help me unleash them!

If you donate you really would be helping a young student jump-start her career as you'd be providing the building blocks - the materials required to create my pieces.

Every penny counts.

Thank you for taking your time to read and have a great rest-of-your day!


Sample, inspired by shark gills with wire filaments.


Final Piece Anemone Inspired prosthetic growths 


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Thanks again :-)

Final Film Project Collaboration inspired by Ridley Scott's 'Alien' movie. You can view "The Making" of our film below.