Help Fund a School Library in Croatia

A project by: Jelena Saban


WE RAISED $5,750

from 95 donors

This project received pledges on Sun 06 Dec 2015
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In this video you can see our new library – which is empty. Unfortunately, no funds were planned to equip the library with what is most important to children here: books!


We want to make possible for these kinds to learn, dream, imagine, create. To achieve that, they need books to gather knowledge and inspiration. Our goal is to buy books and make them available to every student. 

The average price of a book they need for their monthly reading is 100 kunas, which equals $15 dollars. We have 400 pupils here and we have to make it possible for each of them to check out at least one book, which brings us to the staggering amount of $6 000!

And we didn’t even include free-time reading, dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

So you see our trouble here.

The only thing we can do now is to have some faith in humanity. We are asking for a little bit of financial help and to show our gratitude you will be awarded photos, bookmarks and little book pendands that can be worn as necklaces and surprise parcels from Croatia.

The amount $6,000 we are asking for is a bare minimum but it would mean a world to us.

Help us create a magical future for our children!